100% Christchurch owned 


At BioFoods Ltd we specialise in making yoghurt with live cultures.

We are based in Christchurch and operate alongside our sister company The Breadman Organic Bakery at 22 Kingsley Street in Sydenham. Both businesses are owned and managed by John and Cassandra Booth who work with a fantastic team of expert bakers, yoghurteers, packers, distributors and administrators. 

We are a genuine small business, grown here in Christchurch, New Zealand and doing it all ourselves. We don't have any affiliations with overseas companies or secret owners, it's just us. 

The yoghurts are all handmade which means they are hand mixed and poured and then set in the pot. We are not a big producer but we do know how to make really, really great yoghurt.

We use different milks to produce a range of yoghurts which not only taste good but also do you good, including options for the Dairy Free folk. Check out the different product pages for information about the different varieties.



Vegan Yoghurt?

Our coconut yoghurts are made with just coconut cream and dairy free cultures. 

We do 2 flavoured varieties, Chocolate and Passionfruit both of which are 100% vegan.

Otherwise, the simple plain variety is perfect adding your own favourite flavours; sweet and savoury both work really well.

All the coconut yoghurts are made using dedicated equipment so there is no risk of cross contamination from goat or cow milks. We take health and product integrity seriously so you can be assured what you eating is totally vegan.

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to run a sustainable business which provides a secure and enjoyable working environment producing high quality, fairly priced food. 

By sustainable we mean that we pay fair wages, are fiscally responsible in all our dealings and sell our products at a fair price.

Our Vision Statement, if we called it that, would be:

Great Products, made by great people for great people 

We aim operate in the most ethical and sustainable way we can, not because we have to, or because it's trendy, but because we want to and we believe it's the right thing to do.

Our ethical beliefs put people before profit and we think of "sustainability" as dealing with like minded suppliers and retailers. We buy locally wherever we can, partly to minimise our carbon footprint but mostly because we like to support local communities and small growers. There are many constraints to the milks we need to buy and we can't always buy Kiwi grown but we will always look for it as a preference and buy it unless there is a serious reason not to (and that's not necessarily just a price based decision).

Loyal customers and word-of-mouth recommendations help us to grow incrementally and our customers tell us that they are concerned about what they eat and value the high quality and health benefits that our products provide.

Our yoghurts are sold throughout New Zealand at specialist stores and selected supermarkets.