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We get lots of lovely feedback, at the moment the coconut yoghurt is 'flavour of the month' or maybe that should be the year! We are not usually the own-trumpet-blowing types but, like the yoghurt itself, some things are so good they should be shared :)

Kia ora
I discovered the coconut yoghurt last week, in Newtown New World, Wellington.
It's so delicious, and makes me happy.
I've been using it in smoothies, or a tablespoon as a snack to help soothe my sweet tooth and junk food cravings.
I've already converted my flatmate, who also has troubles with lactose and dairy.Yum, thank you very much for making this. It's now on my weekly shopping list.

I think I might be your new No. 1 fan.  This is DELICIOUS.  So delicious in fact, I'm 'pushing' it out to all my friends on Facebook.
Tonight I whipped up a Waldorf-type salad using the yoghurt as a dressing (left over diced chicken, avocado, diced celery, S&P, dijon, lemon juice and yoghurt).   Was fab.
Thank you thank you thank you for being so innovative and coming up with a really tasty, satisfying dairy alternative!

LOVE, love, love coconut yoghurt. Found it at New World Khandallah. Thank you for producing such an amazing product and please continue to do so. As I have an allergy to dairy and an underactive thyroid (adversely affected by soy yogurt) the coconut yogurt is wonderful.Margie