Chocolate Coconut Yoghurt

Now being made with Fair Trade Chocolate

Our DAIRY FREE coconut yoghurt contains probiotic cultures, including Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium. 

We use organic coconut cream which is ethically produced and totally free from any additives or preservatives.

We use a dairy free culture which is Vegan as it contains no animal products or derivatives.



Because we do not use any additives to alter the texture of the yoghurt, it can firm up as it gets older. If you notice your yoghurt is getting too firm for your liking, there are a few easy things you can do;

  • Stir well after each use to keep it from firming up - be sure to use a scrupulously clean and dry spoon as the yog is alive with bacteria and doesn't need any more  introduced!  Rinse the spoon with boiling water and dry with a clean (paper)  towel before dipping in 
  • If the pot isn't too full, then give it good whisk which will make it lovely and  fluffy, with an even creamier texture
  • Tip it into another container with a lid, add water , a little at a time, and shake, shake, shake 
  • Even if it is hard it can still be thinned with water in a blender/nutribullet, used for smoothies and is fine for cooking with

There are additives we could use to make the consistency more stable, but have decided not to do that and leave it as natural as is possible - given the ingredients we have to work with.


Coconut Cream ,Chocolate Syrup and Probiotic Cultures

We are currently soucing our organic coconut cream from Indonesia. It is certified suitable for Vegans and does not contain cholesterol, preservative, trans fat, artificial flavoring or colouring. 

More information on the chocolate syrup and the cream can be found on our Ingredients Page


Serving Size

We suggest a serving size of about 30g. This is a good sized tablespoon full or, a dollop the size of an egg.