Cow Yoghurt

Our original and signature yoghurt. This is made from 100% New Zealand cows milk and cultures, that is all. Nothing else is added so you can be sure of a fresh and natural product. The cultures add healthy probiotic goodness to help to look after your digestion.

We set our yoghurts in their pots and that creates a lovely creamy texture with a subtle and tangy flavour.

Doctors Choice BioYoghurt is perfect for breakfast lunch and dinner, keep  a pot in the fridge for healthy additions to winter soups and summer salads, for curries and smoothies, cakes and dips. 

More information on probiotics and cultures can be found on the Ingredients page.

Available in 1kg and 500g


Handy Hint

It is normal for some liquid (whey) separation to occur. The protein in the yoghurt releases the water in the form of whey.

The whey shows you that the live, active cultures are really alive and active. Whey is full of nutrients and therefore very healthy for you. Just stir it back into the yoghurt to make sure you get all the nutritional benefits.